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Give it a chai — our 8 oz. powdered Vanilla and Spiced Chai mixes are unpretentious, yet in demand. Flavors: Vanilla, Spiced.

Pro Tip: The shipping for 2 bags of chai costs almost the same as one bag. Stock-up and save!

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Weight 8.00 oz

Vanilla, Spiced, Pumpkin

13 reviews for Chai

  1. Megan

    This rating doesn’t let me give you more than one star for some coding related reason, but I love the spiced chai, and the fact that I can order it online now? Best day ever because I live in Missouri, and there is no Donkey Spiced Chai here.

  2. Colleen (verified owner)

    5 star review; however, the website won’t let me select them. Before I graduated from OU may roommate got me hooked on Vanilla Chai! So excited that you ship because just like the review above, they don’t have Vanilla Chai in Oregon! Or at least Donkey Vanilla Chai 🙂

    • luke

      Thanks for the love and telling us our review stars were broken! (They’re all fixed now!)

  3. Achu

    I am a winter psoern. Here on the Gulf Coast, winters are very mild, so like you I prefer not too cold, or too hot..a balance. My favorite time to go to the beach is when you have to bundle up a bit!

  4. Leah Wilson (verified owner)

    When I went to school at OU, I was a regular at Donkey. I got chai pretty much every time I was there – it was that good. Now, I make a point of going to Donkey to get some chai each time I come back to Athens. I was so excited to hear that you could order chai and make it at home. Obviously still second best to actually going into Donkey and having them make it for you. <3

  5. Kim

    This is my favorite chai ever, without a doubt!! The mix of flavors is perfect — no one flavor overwhelms the others, as is often the case in commercial chai. LOVE that I can order this online!

  6. aknizner

    This stuff is the best! There is nothing like being in Athens and actually having them make it for you in the coffee shop, however, being able to enjoy this at home is pretty awesome.

  7. Niki

    The vanilla chai is sooo good. I used to have them all the time when I was in OU. I wish there is a Donkey in Columbus or if they sell their coffee or chai on Amazon, cuz I don’t wanna pay shipping. lol

  8. Ryne (verified owner)

    As a chai connoisseur myself, Donkey’s Spiced chai is the best chai in the United State, hands down!

  9. Sarah

    I’m so excited I can order this chai. When I was at OU I’d get it regularly. Now that I haven’t been to visit in a while I crave it all the time. I’ve never found any quite as good as Donkey Chai anywhere else. Now I can have it at home.

  10. Emily (verified owner)

    Fabulous in every way. I love it with oatmilk as a latte or blended with vanilla ice cream.

  11. Cheyenne Romick (verified owner)

    Donkey vanilla chai is MAGNIFICENT. It is like drinking happiness and coziness. I recommend mixing with hot milk, not just water, if you have the means. Hands down the best chai I have ever had, and I have had a lot.

  12. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Hands down the best chai you’ll ever have. I’m also unbelievably thrilled to learn that Donkey has an online store. I left Athens almost five years ago and wish I had known sooner. Also shipping was super fast – I ordered on the 3rd and got it on the 6th. You guys are great.

  13. Rachel

    OU alum who forgot how much she missed this until she recently went back to Athens! Vanilla + Oat Milk is the stuff of dreams, seriously! If you’re like me and hate heating up the milk (but don’t want all those pieces of mix to remain, well, unmixed) throw it all in a blender. you won’t regret it, order this yesterday!

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