Our Menu

House Coffee

Always hot, fresh, organic and fairly traded. Small, large or refillable sizes. Free refills all day! Buy one of our donkey cups and your first coffee is free.


A wonderful coffee experience for your taste buds in a tiny demitasse cup. Each espresso shot is closely monitored to ensure the proper extraction tailor made to fit your fancy. Prefer a sweeter, lighter taste? We’ll pull your shot shorter. Prefer a more bold, bitter flavor, we’ll let it pull longer. Let’s experiment together to see what you like. Too bold for you? Try it in a cup of hot steaming water for an Americano, or marked with foam for a Macchiato.

Shot in the Dark

One (or two!) shots of espresso poured into a cup of hot Donkey house blend–light or dark.

Arnold Palmer and Citrus Palmer

Arnold Palmer (black sweet tea and lemonade) and the Citrus Palmer (citrus green tea and lemonade).

Café au Lait

House Coffee with steamed milk.


A latte made with local Snowville half and half- a rich, smooth, delicious delight.

Flavored Latté

Enjoy this sweetened version of our delicious latte. Choose from a wide variety of syrup flavors.


Keep it simple and delicious with the basics: espresso with steamed milk in a 12 or 16 oz mug.


Just the basics: espresso and steamed milk combine to make this 6 ounce coffee something to savor.


A small but powerful cup of coffee, this is our espresso marked with smooth, naturally sweet milk.


Espresso poured into a cup of hot steaming water.


Love sweets but want to stay away from the caffeine? Try one of our steamed milk drinks. Soy or almond milk is available.

Chai–Vanilla and Spiced

Chai—an Indian classic with an American twist—cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, sugar, and black tea mixed in steamed milk.

Hot Tea

Want to have a tea party or curl up with a good book by yourself? We offer the best tea variety in Athens. Choose from an assortment of all organic, all fair trade black, green, rooibus, and herbal teas. Steamed milk is available. Our tea pots are just adorable.

Iced Latté

Our smooth espresso poured over a glass of milk and ice is sure to refresh your soul.

Flavored Iced Latté

Espresso, syrup and milk join forces to cool you off.

Iced Mocha

Espresso, chocolate and milk join forces to cool you off.


Our fabulous coffee milkshake, as a local newspaper reviewer once crooned, “frescante, frescante, frescante!”

Italian Soda

A soft drink made from carbonated water and one of our available syrups.


What’s better than espresso, chocolate and steamed milk? Espresso, chocolate, steamed milk and whipped cream.


Our homemade cream soda is sure to cool you down on a hot day. Choose from a variety of flavors.


A refreshing blended drink made with club soda, ice and syrup made with pure cane sugar.


A blended fruit emulsion.

Iced Chai

Spice up your life with an Iced Chai—a sweet, wildly refreshing drink made with a perfect combination of spices, sugar, and milk. Substitute soy or almond milk if desired.

Iced Coffee

Like our light roast? You’ll love our iced coffee which is made with our Moka Sumatra. This blend contains beans from Nicaragua, providing an earthy, natural cocoa flavor.

Iced Tea

Three varieties of organic, fair trade iced tea brewed daily.


A delicious way to drink your espresso- raw cane sugar is sprinkled atop freshly ground espresso before brewing, creating a rich, smooth, sweet espresso experience.

French Press Coffee

If you have a few minutes, our beans brewed in a French press is the way to experience some of the richest coffee you will ever drink.

Hot Chocolate

Love sweets but want to stay away from the caffeine? Try our hot chocolate made with steamed milk and topped with yummy whipped cream. Soy or almond milk is available.

Power Chai

Chai—an Indian classic with an American twist—cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, sugar, and black tea mixed in steamed milk. Power added with a generous shot of Espresso.