Cold Drinks

Arnold Palmer and Citrus Palmer

Arnold Palmer (black sweet tea and lemonade) and the Citrus Palmer (citrus green tea and lemonade).

Iced Latté

Our smooth espresso poured over a glass of milk and ice is sure to refresh your soul.

Flavored Iced Latté

Espresso, syrup and milk join forces to cool you off.

Iced Mocha

Espresso, chocolate and milk join forces to cool you off.


Our fabulous coffee milkshake, as a local newspaper reviewer once crooned, “frescante, frescante, frescante!”

Italian Soda

A soft drink made from carbonated water and one of our available syrups.

Iced Tea

Three varieties of organic, fair trade iced tea brewed daily.


Our homemade cream soda is sure to cool you down on a hot day. Choose from a variety of flavors.


A refreshing blended drink made with club soda, ice and syrup made with pure cane sugar.


A blended fruit emulsion.

Iced Chai

Spice up your life with an Iced Chai—a sweet, wildly refreshing drink made with a perfect combination of spices, sugar, and milk. Substitute soy or almond milk if desired.

Iced Coffee

Like our light roast? You’ll love our iced coffee which is made with our Moka Sumatra. This blend contains beans from Nicaragua, providing an earthy, natural cocoa flavor.