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Thank you very much for your interest in Donkey Coffee! Please read Donkey’s Art Booking Policy (at the bottom of this page) before filling out the booking form.

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Please complete all required fields (*) to request a booking in Donkey’s backroom.

Artist Booking Form

Please download and sign our artist contract (PDF) and return it to the address below. Send a web link (above) with your bio or mail a press pack to:

Megan Wren
Donkey Coffee
17 ½ W. Washington St.
Athens, OH 45701

Donkey Coffee’s Art Booking Policy

  1. Donkey is honored to work with area artists. We intend to provide a safe and secure environment and will make reasonable attempts to secure the artists work, equipment, and other goods on exhibit at Donkey.
  2. Donkey cannot insure the replacement cost of the artists work if it were to be damaged or stolen. This is the obligation and responsibility of the artist if it is considered necessary.
  3. Donkey cannot be held responsible for any damage to any artwork or other goods or possessions on exhibit or in storage by the artist.
  4. Donkey agrees to pay the artist 80% of total sales on all artwork sold by the end of the artists exhibit. Donkey will receive 20% of all artwork sold.
  5. Artwork displayed at Donkey shall remain displayed whether sold or unsold until the end of the exhibit unless special arrangements have been made.
  6. It is the responsibility of both Donkey and the artist together to make sure all artwork sold at the end of the exhibit be returned to the buyer / owner of the intended piece of artwork.
  7. Typically, artwork is displayed at Donkey for 5–6 weeks at a time.
  8. Donkey Art Shows begin on Saturday mornings. It is the responsibility of the featured artist to start hanging their work the Saturday of their show by 8 am (or earlier).
  9. Wire and hangers are provided by Donkey.
  10. Art openings are not required. If an artist chooses to have an opening, it can be held on any day after their work goes on display. Art openings are typically held between 5–8 pm. Please note: Donkey sustains itself through coffee and food sales. Please consider this when choosing hor’doeuvres for your art opening.

Thanks for supporting the arts!