Book Donkey’s Backroom for Bands

Thank you very much for your interest in Donkey Coffee! Please read Donkey’s Booking Policy (at the bottom of this page) before filling out the booking form.

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Band Booking Form

Send a web link (above) with online music clips and a bio or mail a press pack to:

Megan Wren
Donkey Coffee
17 ½ W. Washington St.
Athens, OH 45701

Important: Artists are responsible for providing their own door person if there is a cover charge for the show. We encourage you to start collecting money no later than 15 minutes before show time. It is the artist’s responsibility (if they so desire) to go around and collect money from people already in the room. We encourage you to make an announcement from up front that there is a cover charge and politely ask people to walk back and pay.

If you advertised the show as “free” you can send a tip container around and ask people to make a donation.

Donkey Coffee’s Booking Policy

  1. Donkey’s shows are typically acoustic-oriented and we aim to provide a welcoming and intimate space for performances. Therefore, we ask that if bands are playing with drums and electric guitars that they respect the nature of this performance space. Bands with drummers should plan for a “quieter” set, perhaps with brushes or toned-down drumming and electric guitarists need to keep amp volume at an acceptable level.
  2. Bands booked are expected to provide Donkey with three posters at least a week in advance of their scheduled performance.
  3. PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of the bands to provide someone to run the door for the night.
  4. Unless under prior contract, Donkey Coffee provides no guarantee for bands performing. All money for bands comes from the door for the night.
  5. There is a $25 fee for the sound person, to be paid at the end of the night.
  6. Headlining spots are given based on local following and the ability to draw a sizable crowd.
  7. Local promotion is strongly suggested. Donkey will hang posters within the shop and will notify all local media about the show. We will also post on our FB page. All other promotion/flyer-hanging is the responsibility of the performers. We HIGHLY recommend making a FB event page for your show.
  8. Unless otherwise noted, all shows begin at 8 PM and must be finished no later than 10 PM.
  9. If performers want to do a free show, they have to let Donkey know at the time of booking their show so it can be advertised as such. If the show is free, there is no charge for sound and no need for a door person. If performers decide to change the show to “free” after booking, they must still pay for sound.